Viewing the asset profile page

Viewing the asset profile page

Clicking a property name from the dashboard or the portfolio page will take you to the asset profile page where you can access detailed information about the asset such as agreements, leases, valuations, financial information and any documents stored.

[Image Asset Page]


The Asset Profile Page Menu

The menu on the left-hand side of the screen contains the following links:

  • Details - the main view of a property asset in Openera with the core data, map location, photo library, documents, contacts and links to other information sections
  • Units - the list of spaces within the property. The spaces are used in lease agreements to form the demised area.
  • Leases - a list of the current and historic leases for the asset
  • Utilities - a section for recording utilities usage and billing
  • Events – a list of the system and user-generated events related to this asset such as lease expiries, rent reviews and break options
  • Helpdesk - the issue log used for capturing feedback and faults
  • Valuations – a historic record of all valuations undertaken on the asset
  • Documents – a file and folder structure that can be used to store documents relating to the asset within the system or link to external document stores
  • Notes – a note-taking and commenting system
  • Audit – a date ordered list of data changes by users

The the details screen shows core information related to the asset split into sections. Many of the fields on this page have been tailored to the needs of clients, so your screen may vary from the screenshot above.

Below the left-hand menu are two buttons, Add New Contact and Add New Role. These are shown together with a panel which displays the names of contacts that have been associated with a role related to the asset.

See Section on ‘Roles’ for more detail of use of this function.



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