Main Menu

At the top right of the dashboard are icons that give access to the functionality available to you. The sections are shown below:


  • Dashboard - This is the home page for the service.
  • Properties - This displays a list of all portfolios and properties that you have access to
  • Documents - This is the main document storage area and provides access to all portfolio and property documents that you have access to
  • Reports - This is the report generator and store of pre-designed reports
  • Cases - This is the case manager and provides a list of all current cases you have access to
  • Contacts - This is the contact manager and provides a list of all contacts and contact groups that you have access to
  • Settings - The settings panel provides administrators with additional system settings such as defining notifications, escalations, case types and file uploads


In the centre of the screen, there is a search bar. This will search all data stored in the system for the keyword(s) you enter and provides a fast way to navigate to the property, lease, contact or case you would like to review.



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