Creating and editing charts

To add a chart or edit an existing one, click the Plus buttonand select Add/Edit Chart. This will display the following pop-up:


Creating Charts

To add a chart:

  • Click the Add Chart icon at the bottom right of the chart box. This will add a new chart with a default name
  • Choose the name, chart type, grouping and the data to be included. By default, the system will include all data in the system unless you limit it. Finally select the width of the chart (Full width, one half, one third) and the type (column, bar or pie)
  • To position the chart in the list of charts available on the dashboard, simply drag the chart image at the bottom of the pop-up and place it where you would like to display it.

The chart specifications are created by Openera, so if the chart type you wish to see is not available, please contact Openera to discuss adding the chart you require.


To edit a chart, select it from the list at the bottom of the pop-up. This will display the chart contents in the main pop-up window. Now you can change the details of the chart to your needs.

To save new or edited charts, click the Tick button.

To revert to the previously saved version of the charts you have edited, click the Left Arrow button.

To close the pop-up, click Close on the top left of the pop-up.

While the charts stored in the system are available to all users, the layout and selection of charts displayed on your dashboard is personal to you. The information for the chart comes from all of the portfolios and properties that each user has access to. At present, the system design does not allow a user to delete a chart. The challenge in designing a new graph type is to restrict the available information so that the graph made with it will be informative and yet readable.



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