Version 3.1



  • Improved and simplified dashboard
  • New chart design tool with new chart templates and a chart carousel on the dashboard
  • Portfolio highlights show key performance indicators and statistics related to properties managed using the system
  • Most recently used reports automatically show in the dashboard
  • Upcoming events now have status icon to identify progress of event
  • Updated location mapping
  • New global search bar with autocomplete pop-up for faster access to information



  • Traffic light icons to help you understand the current status of each event
  • New escalation and notification email system for event management to improve communications



  • New custom report builder designed to make it easier and faster to create list reports
  • Instant view of selected data for report
  • Improved data filtering
  • Improved handling of archived reports



  • Contact pagers now alpha characters rather than numbers


Property Details

  • Added ability to delete images from the property detail page


Lease Edit

  • Cluetips now available when you click the ? icon rather than on tab through



  • Latest updates and service links added to login page
  • Add ToS/Privacy & Cookie Policy links to the page footer


Bug fixes

  • Filter choice within a report does not remain selected, if you do not save the report
  • Within Lease Reports, Extend Selected Data Column
  • Cluetips not closing when you tab through lease form
  • Punctuation and special chars in report names break PDF and CSV export
  • Sorting date and numerical fields in reports doesn't work
  • Filter choice within a report does not remain selected, if you do not save the report



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