The Plus Button

The Plus Button is the control for adding new or editing existing data and charts to the system. When you click the Plus Button, you will see a small context-driven menu. This will provide options for the screen you are on at that time. On the dashboard, it will provide you with the ability to:

  • Add Property – this allows you to add a new property to the system
  • Add Contact – this asks you to choose which organisation the contact should be added to and then takes you to the form to add the contact information. If the action is cancelled, you are returned to select the organisation, rather than to the ‘Dashboard’
  • Add Reminder – this allows you to add a new diary reminder event with a specific comment and time. This will send you an email reminder at the time you specify.
  • Add/Edit Charts – this displays a pop-up that allows you to change the charts displayed on the dashboard



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