Step 2 - Prepare your data

Whether you are adding real estate assets manually by keying the data into the system or importing data from a third party system or spreadsheet, it is crucial that you spend time to ensure the data is a clean as possible. This will mean fact checking, cross-referencing to source documentation and applying rigour to the process of confirming that each asset added has the correct information.

Common issues with real estate asset data

The common issues that arising when adding data to Openera including:

  • Incorrect asset address information
  • Inconsistent formatting of dates and currency data
  • Lack of key information such as lease start date, rent amount, tenant or demise
  • Duplication of property, agreement or contact information
  • Out of date status information

Prior to uploading data into Openera is it worthwhile checking all data to be added for accuracy, consistency, completeness, duplication and currency. In many instances, it is easier to correct this prior to the upload process itself.



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