Step 4 - Add or import your real estate asset data

Adding your real estate asset data

To add your data manually, click the Properties button on the main menu. This will display the list of portfolios, with your new portfolio at the top of the list.

To add a real estate asset to the portfolio, click the Add property button. This will open an empty property input form for you to complete. Step through the form adding as much data as you can about the property. 

The minimum information you can enter to add a new property is:

  • Property name
  • Address
  • Town
  • Postcode
  • Country

If you have not entered this information, you will not be able to save the asset information.

When you have finished, click Save to add the real estate asset to the portfolio. This will display the data for the asset you have just entered.


Importing your real estate asset data

To import your data, click the Import Data button underneath Settings. This will display the prompt to select your data file to upload. Choose the correct file and press Upload

[Image - Select Data Import File]

Once you have imported your data, Openera will display it in a data grid view. This will enable you to map the fields you have imported to the correct field in Openera and correct any data that has not be been imported correctly.

[Image - View Imported Data in Editable Datagrid]

There is an option to select the initial portfolio to add the imported assets to. Select the first portfolio you added earlier from the dropdown selection box.

You can decided to map a data field or set it to be ignored. Those fields that are set to Ignore will not be imported to the system.

To complete the import process, click Import Data. This will add the records to the Openera database and allocate them to your first portfolio.


Importing other data

To import other data, such as contact information, spaces or agreements, it will require to be linked to the correct real estate asset. To do this follow the steps as above for the real estate data, but select the Linking field to ensure the new data is added to the correct asset. The linking field should be the data that is common between your real estate asset data, such as a reference number, and the additional data you are importing. 




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