Step 6 - Grant access to the new portfolio and assets

Once you have added or imported the data about your first portfolio you should grant access to it to other system users. To do this you need to add a new user and provide them with read only or editor rights to the portfolio and the assets within it.

Add a new user

To add a new user, click the Settings button on the main menu and then click User Management.

This will display a list of all current users of the system. To add a new user, click Add User. This will display a pop-up form where you can enter the details of the new user. Once you have finished entering the details, click Save.

If you have used the default settings, the new user will automatically receive a confirmation email requesting that they login and activate their account by setting their password. You can uncheck the Inform user by email checkbox if you would prefer to set the password for the user and email it to them.


Granting access to the first portfolio

To grant access to the first portfolio and the assets you have created, you will need to add the new user to the default access group. To do this, click the Access Groups button to display the access groups screen.

From here, you can choose the access groups and assign the user to each access group with the correct level of access.

[Image of Access Group Selection]

For example, you could add the new user to the default access group with Read only rights. This means that the user will be able to see all the data and information about assets in that group, but will not be able to change any of the data.

By default, all new portfolios and assets added to the system are included in the default access group. You can Move portfolios and assets out of the default access group or you can Create new access groups that include all or some of the portfolios and assets.



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