Working in real-time with the Dashboard

On accessing the system you are presented with a dashboard that displays all of the portfolio and property information you have permission to access. It also has a number of functions as follows:


The main features of the dashboard are:

  • The search bar – a “Google-style” predictive text search system that will display matches to criteria from data and documents held in the system
  • The main menu icons – shortcuts to the main functionality of the system
  • The plus button – the method for adding new content to the system
  • The charts slider – the flexible and extendible area that allows you to add charts and graphs of portfolio performance
  • The highlights bar – a set of data summaries showing you the current position of data in your system
  • Upcoming events – a list of the next upcoming events. NB the colour of the date box defines the current status as Red – Not Started; Amber- In Progress; Green- Complete
  • Recent updates – a list of the properties and leases most recently amended or changed
  • Recent reports – a list of the most recently used reports with the ability to view and download the report from the dashboard
  • Locations – a map interface that allows you to navigate your portfolio using the a map-based interface



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