Creating a new case type

The Case Manager is a feature that is used to manage multi-stage cases and projects using a predefined workflow. It allows users of the system to create case types where they can define the workflow, create data collection templates and decide the business rules to be used to notify relevant people and escalate issues that remain unresolved.

The goal of the Case Manager is to provide a mechanism for streamlining and standardising the way a business handles cases. In doing this, the Case Manager will provides an auditable record of the progress and offer the potential for improved governance of the completion of cases.

Cases in the Cases Manager are split into Case Types. This guide will walk you through the process of creating a new Case Type.


Go to the Case Type Settings Page

Click the Settings button  to open the system settings page.

Next, click Show on the Case Types bar. This will open up the Case Types list and show you all of the available case types you currently have specified.


Adding a new case type

To Add a new case, type hit the plus button  to open the case type creation page. This will be blank and ready for you to create a new case type. Start by entering a new case type name. You can now start to build up the case type data form from either the common fields or the case specific fields you would like to create.

To Add a field, simply choose it from dropdown list of common fields or choose a case type specific field. This will add it to the list of fields below. You can rename the field and position it in the list of fields by clicking and holding the Moving handle .

To Highlight a field, tick the highlight checkbox . This will add the field to the top of the case data form in a special highlighted area.

Continue to add fields until you have completed you case data form and click Save   to save your case type.



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