Adding a workflow to a case

Openera provides the ability to add a structured workflow to any case by adding the STEPS field type.


Case Stages

Each individual step added to a workflow has a corresponding STAGE which is set. The stages allow you to report across multiple workflows in a standardised way, meaning you can assess the progress of your cases, regardless of the number of individual workflow steps by referring to which stage the case is at.

The standard stages in the system are:

DORMANT - the case is created but not started
OPEN - the case is started
ACTION - the case is in the main phase of activity
AGREEMENT - the case has reached an agreement/resolution
DOCUMENT - the case results have been documented
COMPLETE - the case is complete and awaiting closure
CLOSED - the case is closed

When you create a new step in a workflow, you select the stage that the step matches.


Adding Workflow Steps

To add the workflow, choose the field STEPS from the ADD FIELD drop down:

This will insert the STEPS field into your case fields list.

To add the first STEP, type the name of the step and select a workflow STAGE that the step corresponds to. To add more steps, press the  button to add a new row.


To remove a STEP, press the .

Once you have added all the workflow steps, press SAVE to save the case type.


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